A Great Deal

So here I am, the night before (actually the day of) my leaving for Table Rock Lake for a week.  I’m always excited to go, and this year is no exception.  It’s been interesting as time has gone by how the families at the lake have continued to grow and continued to come.  It is really a blessing to see these same people year after year.  It is a vacation that I can only dream about the rest of the year.

I’m blogging again because I feel that I have some things to write down.  I’m not sure if this one will be quite as devotional as the previous posts, but here I go.  After all, this is blogging.

In my life the last few years I have had a set schedule that I followed.  Go to school, come home on breaks.  Go home for the summer, go back to school in the fall.  When I come home, I work my jobs, see my friends, and do my online classes.  My summers went fast and my life even faster.

This year is different.  I am sensing several things changing, which make me nervous and excited at the same time.  It’s that same nervousness before you make a huge commitment.  There is always the questions about whether this is the right decision, but this summer, even though the schedule hasn’t changed and the routine is just normal, I sense I am heading down this path for the last time.  In a year I’ll be a pastor.

I’ve come to realize that life is about change.  It happens.  With all the change I’ve experienced in my life between high school to college, college to grad school, and then back and forth from school to home, I’ve seen the great grace of God carrying me the whole way.  He hasn’t put before me any change that I can’t overcome without his help.  Even though the change in my life will be great in the next year, I’m convinced that I need not worry.  Even my greatest tribulations and trials will only be a stepping stone to God’s grace if I let God lead me.

I have my problems, my issues, my concerns.  If I live captive to them, I’ll be regretful forever.  Instead, I let go and let God deal with them.  I’m still worried, but I have faith.  My hope is that my trust is so firmly implanted in Christ that when storms may come, I will turn to Christ, not away.

Be thankful for the blessings you have.  Enjoy the time God has given us.  Believe that God’s plans for you and I are for our benefit, not our downfall.

My favorite verse in my thoughts right now comes from Ephesians 4:1.  It states, “As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received” (NIV).  I know that is a huge command.   We are called to holiness, to trustworthiness, to faithfulness, to obedience.  Live a life worthy of the calling you have received.  We are called first and foremost to be children.  So before I’m a pastor, a student, a friend, or anything else, I’m a child of God.  I hold that identity above all else.

As you go forward in this month and summer, live your life.  Don’t worry it away.  Live it up.  But live it in a way that is worthy of how God has called us to live.  I’m off to the lake.  I’m gonna live this next week, but I’m gonna try to live worthy.  I’m gonna be a prisoner for Christ.  I don’t know of anybody else I’d rather be.

Changes will come.  I’m not sure how they will, or how I will react.  All I know to do is live.  So live is all I try to do.  Find your calling, live the life.  Be a prisoner for Christ.


Published by: Brad Kirk

I'm an ordained Elder in the Great Plains Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church and serve as pastor of Leoti UMC in western Kansas. I am a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary. I love being a husband to Diana and a father to Tobin. Most of all I am a child of God!

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