Finding Rest

Psalm 62:1-2 (NIV) Truly my soul finds rest in God; my
salvation comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he
is my fortress, I will never be shaken. If you have ever been on a
plane in the past 20 years, you will have been through the simple
procedure of seeing the safety demonstration. This thoroughly
captivating instruction on plane safety always includes a little
section on what to do if the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling.
The flight attendant always states something to the effect, “Please
put the mask on you before assisting the person next to you.” This
demonstrates an important point. You are no help to the person next
to you if you don’t take care of yourself first. This survival tip
also works outside of airplanes as well. In America, we often ask
one another, “How are you doing?” and “How is your day?” The polite
response is always “fine,” “good,” or “okay.” We rarely actually
share how we feel. If we did it might be something more like “I’d
rather be on vacation on a beach somewhere,” or “This day is really
hard and I’m feeling lousy.” Sometimes life is just hard, stressed,
difficult, and demanding. We all have those moments. A new year is
beginning. We are all making new resolutions that we must keep for
at least a few days so as to not feel guilty when we finally do
break them. I have a challenge for you in this new year. I’m
guessing that if you are like most people, you are probably
stressed much of the time, tired, and needing a break. Even though
you’ve just had the holidays, sometimes they don’t seem like much
of a break with all of the kids, traveling, gifts to buy, and
family to entertain. This is a new year, so something at least
should be different, right? Psalm 62 is a song of worship to God.
David writes, “my soul finds rest in God.” What about that? Resting
in God. How does that look in everyday life? How does it look
amidst the appointments, work hours, crazy schedules, and all the
things we think we need to do? That, right there, is the answer. We
think we need all these things, but if we don’t rest in God, if we
don’t leave our souls to be silent before our Rock and Fortress,
then we will never rest anywhere else. While I’m certain it is
important to show up at work, if you do show up without first
putting God into your day, that day will be evermore difficult
without God’s help or aid. God doesn’t make things easy for us.
David had some mighty struggles in his lifetime, many of them
military battles. But here he reminds us that God alone is in
charge, and God gives us rest in the midst of those challenges.
This year, I challenge you to find your rest, put God at the helm
of each day, and see how all those other things are worked out.
David writes near the end of Psalm 62, ““Power belongs to you, God,
and with you, Lord, is unfailing love.”


Published by: Brad Kirk

I'm an ordained Elder in the Great Plains Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church and serve as pastor of Leoti UMC in western Kansas. I am a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary. I love being a husband to Diana and a father to Tobin. Most of all I am a child of God!

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