My Wife Is Jesus

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And all of us, with unveiled faces, seeing the glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another; for this comes from the Lord, the Spirit.” 2 Corinthians 3:17-18

Praising-GodMy wife is Jesus.  Let me explain.  Simply put, she is Jesus to me.  I’m amazed by her.  Thankfully, I see it evermore the longer we are married.  Diana and I have been together for four years, married for 2 and a half.  If two and a half years go this fast, I cannot think how fast a lifetime will go with her.

I love her for so many reasons.  Let me count the ways!  First, she loves me because she puts up with, nay, she sees through my rough edges and faults.  She sometimes becomes frustrated with me.  We have our disagreements.  Yet she does not let my shortcomings be her definition of me.  She does not see the faults when she looks at me.  She sees in me the man who I can be, the man who God wants me to be; and she is not satisfied with me being anything less than that.  She pushes me onward, to be better, healthier, and growing in Christ.  She is patient with me, even when I am exceptionally, totally cheap with money (which is pretty much most of the time).

I remember playing the card game “B.S.” when I was younger.  I was awful at it.  I sometimes still try to play it in life, but it usually involves me thinking I have reached the end of my energy/ideas/creativity/gifts/etc.  I get fed up and believe the lie that I have found my limit.  When I try to tell her I have done my best, she sees through me.  She presses me forward.  She leans on me to grow.  More than all of that, she lifts me up.  She comes alongside me to help carry the load.  She respects and honors me.  She trusts me.  I have finally figured out that I cannot be my best unless she is by my side.  I need her so that I can excel.

It is not for my faults, though, that I love her.  Many people can look past many problems, yet that does not make a great marriage.  No.  Instead, it is because of what she is that I love her.  I love her because she loves Jesus.  In the four years I have been with her I have seen her grow in her walk with Christ.  Diana is a stronger disciple of Jesus Christ today than I have ever seen her before.  She follows Him as best she can, and I do my best to return to her the support she gives to me.  I do my best to lead our family to follow Christ, but I do it best because she is beside me.  I do my best to support and encourage her, to be her biggest cheerleader (and I am a big boy), because she is by my side.  I do my best to be the husband I believe I can be because she is by my side.  I am my best when she is by my side.  Beside me, my equal, and my love.

Paul shares in 2 Corinthians 3 that we are growing in Christ and while doing so, like Moses did when he met God on the mountain, we too can have our faces shining like his.  Moses’ face was so bright it blinded those who saw it.  Moses reflected the glory of God.  We, too, can reflect the glory of God but our faces are unveiled.  We are transformed from one degree of glory to another.

Diana reflects the glory of God for me.  In her face (and her actions, thoughts, words, and love) I see God’s glory growing with every challenge we overcome, with every promise for the future (including the promise of a new child we will get to meet in 7 months), and with every day we walk together.  I see Jesus in her.  That is why I love her.  Our marriage is not perfect.  She is not perfect, at least not yet.  God is working to perfect us both, and he is using the other in the marriage to do it.  That is how it is with marriage and life.  God works on us all to grow us, using other Christians to be His hands and feet.  With each day, I see Christ in her more.

I see Christ in how she supports me.  I see Christ in how she helps carry my load.  I see Christ in her accountability.  I see Christ in her encouragement of me and our ministry.  I see Jesus in how she loves me and serves me.  I see the glory of God in her.  My wife is Jesus.  I am blessed.


Published by: Brad Kirk

I'm an ordained Elder in the Great Plains Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church and serve as pastor of Leoti UMC in western Kansas. I am a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary. I love being a husband to Diana and a father to Tobin. Most of all I am a child of God!

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